quote_begin Not many people can hold a mirror up to someone in order for them to find out who they are and why they do the things they do but Judith can and she does it in a way that doesn”t hurt, offend or make you feel small..quote_end

~Marissa Morgan, NY

quote_begin As a woman with ADHD and the mother of two children with ADHD, I have spent nearly fifteen years working with a variety of therapists and family coaches to develop strategies that would help our family cope with the challenges commensurate with an ADHD diagnosis. I wish I had found Judith Champion back when my children were in elementary school. We would have been spared years of frustration.

Judith understands the power of reflective listening better than anyone I have met. It doesn’t take her long to pinpoint stumbling blocks and then to gently guide you so that you often come up with the solution yourself. When she does offer advice, it comes from someone who has seen it all, and knows what works, and what doesn’t.

I also like the fact that she has a Master’s Degree in Social Work, has experienced ADHD first hand with her children and grandchildren, and, as an active member of the national ADHD community, is constantly tapped in to the latest research.quote_end

~Peyton, Ottsville, PA

quote_beginMy daughter is making so much progress in handling her ADHD; I’m proud of her. The relationship you both have is one that I have wanted her to have for a long time. It was frustrating & heart-wrenching to feel that I couldn’t take her to or beyond where she needed to go to become a more confident & “powerful” woman. I am grateful to you.quote_end

~Victoria from Newtown, Pennsylvania

quote_beginConfidence is all about you. I thank you & hope to work with you in the future. You have given me guidance and your insight has greatly enhanced my ability to recognize anguish in young children. quote_end

~Suzanne S., Bergenfield, NJ

quote_beginJudith Champion is a wonderful coach. She helps me stay focused on what is most important in my life. Each time we meet, she listens to my needs and frustrations and helps me formulate a plan to reach my goals.

Not only does Judith have a thorough “textbook” understanding of ADD/ADHD, she understands what it IS REALLY LIKE to “be ADD”?its effects on the various aspects of our lives and the ways we unwittingly sabotage ourselves. I can count on her advice and support to help me be the best I can be?whether it involves my parenting skills, relationships, organization, or job performance. She is the first to celebrate my successes and never judges my weaknesses.

Since I hired Judith as my coach, I have regained a confidence that I have not felt in years. I have become a more organized person and a better advocate for my children. My husband is thrilled to see me tackle projects that I have put off for years!

Judith is a true professional with a very personalized touch. She is wise, intuitive, and competent. I highly recommend Judith as your ADD/ADHD coach. quote_end

~Sara P., Furlong, PA

quote_beginWhen my student first arrived in my classroom I was amazed at all of his high energy and disruptive behavior. I felt that I had to stop the lessons every now and then just to settle him down and avoid him from having a temper tantrum.

I was trying to seek answers on how to help him the best I could from articles, the internet, and literature but nothing gave me the wonderful insight on children with behavioral problems than Judith did.

I met her at work one day when my teacher’s aide and I were schedules for a team meeting on our student. Judith was very confident in her studies with children with ADD and behavioral disabilities as she discussed what children, like my student, needed to stay focused and learn.

Judith educated me in how ADHD students always have to stay stimulated throughout the day whether it be playing at the water table, squeezing a stress ball during circle time, sitting on an energy seat, or even helping the teacher as much as possible to stay busy. She gave me many different teaching techniques and approaches which made me realize that my student was a wonderful helper who had lots of energy and many creative thoughts, he didn’t think like everyone else. My student was very special in his very own way.

As I used her advice and tips, his behavior changed dramatically. Now my student can sit through an entire circle time lesson, express his emotions in words, he follows the class rules and routines much better, and respects his teachers/friends. He is my wonderful little helper, storyteller, artist, and explorer. I never gave up on him because I knew he had all the potential, I just couldn’t do it without Judith. I thank her for being there for me and giving the knowledge I needed. She was wonderful and every now and then I see her as she follows up on my student’s progression since she played an important part in his magnificent progress! THANK YOU!”quote_end

~Michelle S., Hackensack, NJ

quote_begin If everyone with ADD/ADHD had a Judith- they would be so much more successful!  I can honestly say that since I have been working with Judith, the quality of my life has changed.  I feel more organized and centered and best of all- I feel understood.  Only someone with ADD/AHHD can comprehend the importance of that as we go through life feeling quite the opposite.  This experience has not only helped me, it had helped my family as well.  So how do you thank someone for this?  It’s hard, but I think I just did..quote_end

~Marisa Morgan, New York City

quote_beginMy son has had difficulty in school. He was able to stumble along thru high school with decent grades, but when college hit, he could not focus. After a few semesters he had to leave school as he had problems with drugs and alcohol. It was not until we found Judith as a life coach for him, that he was properly diagnosed with adult ADHD. He has lived with ADHD for a long time and although there is no instant fix he improves on a slow but steady basis. We thought we were going to lose our son; life was out of control for all of us. When I look at my son now and compare him to a year ago the difference is amazing. Judith’s personal experience with ADHD only adds to her excellent ability to help focus her clients who have difficulty with focusing. My family is grateful for Judith’s help, kindness, and compassion that has brought our family back together.quote_end

~Lynn, Stroudsburg PA