It’s Finally Here!
The workshop you have been asking for!

Starting October 7th! 

A New ADHD Teleclass 


How to Parent a Child with Oppositional Behavior 

Thursday’s from 8:00 pm to 9:00 pm EST


October 7            October 14
October 21          October 28 
Oppositional behavior is hard to live with. When it is your child exhibiting this type of behavior, it is difficult to know how to react because your emotions are right on the surface. You can’t believe your darling child is treating you this way.

You may become angry that your child is speaking to you in a rude way. In your anger, you yell back at him and tell him how bad-mannered he is. His disrespect elevates until you are both in an emotional argument that seems to have no end. This has become a part of your life.

You may become afraid of the high energy level that accompanies oppositional behavior, and be unable to react. You may have tried many different strategies to change your child’s oppositional behavior, but it seems that nothing changes. Disrespectful, mean, angry and making poor choices. 

You cry, “Is there anything I can do to help my child?”

This workshop is for you! 

Parenting a Child with Oppositional Behavior Teleclass Series
  • Week One – How to Stop Fighting with your Child and Reduce Meltdowns.
  • Week Two – The importance of Positive Energy, Empathy and Belief in your Child.
  • Week Three – LYING: Is it telling a lie or is it a creative survival strategy?
  • Week Four – STEALING: Why do our children steal and what should we do?
You would normally pay $600 for four weeks of private ADHD coaching. 

I am pricing this workshop so that as many families as possible can join me, 
Only $197 for the Parenting a Child with Oppositional Behavior Teleclass Series.


Help your child!  Help yourself!  Help your family! 


Classes are limited. Save your spot!