About Judith

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I have worked in different areas of the healing arts for more than 15 years; women’s health, prenatal care and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. ADHD has been a part of my family since my children were small and continues with my grandchildren. I have lived with ADHD through a time when there was no believable diagnosis; to a time today, when research is emerging daily and an ADHD industry is forming. Support resources remain scarce in this new healing arts industry and I am determined to provide services to as many families as possible.

In addition to my personal experience, I have a Master’s Degree in Social Work, I am a graduate of the ADD Coach Academy, a CHADD certified Parent Teacher, and an ADHD Education Specialist.

My coaching specialty is families, including all members. I believe that the genetic nature and pervasiveness of ADHD requires a family centered approach to coaching. Whether one child or all members of a family have been diagnosed with ADHD, the entire family is affected by the disorder. My Coaching practice includes parents and children, parents and teens, young adults, women and men.

All of my work is done either via telephone or Skype. I provide individual and family coaching, group coaching and education, as well as Teleclass series designed for parents. I also serve as an education advocate, assisting in working successfully with your child’s schools, ensuring that your child is receiving the best accommodations available to maximize learning potential.

I believe that early identification, diagnosis and treatment are very important. As a result, I also train Early Childhood Educators in teaching strategies to maximize the learning potential and socialization of children with ADHD. In addition, I provide Case Conferencing to educators for children at risk of ADHD. This service supports teachers in expanding their behavior management and response strategies, so they can deal effectively with challenging children.

In any new healing arts industry, volunteer work plays a big role. I provide group and online Parent-2-Parent Workshops for CHADD and frequently present at ADHD conferences. I also teach ADHD parenting strategies and behavior management techniques to foster parents. My passion drives me to work exclusively with people experiencing the challenges of ADHD.