What is ADHD Coaching?

What is an ADHD Coach?

Built upon unconditional acceptance and a powerful appreciation of the client’s potential, strengths and capabilities, coaching is an ongoing partnership created to facilitate personal growth and awareness.

An ADHD Coach is someone with expertise in ADHD, experience working with individuals and families, the passion to move you toward a balanced understanding of your goals, and the ability to teach and support you in the use of best practice strategies to move you forward.

Sometimes our family or friendship support system is enough to get us through, and sometimes it is not. When additional support is needed, a coach can be hired.

Why do I need an ADHD Coach?

  • You want to reduce the chaos and frustration in your life
  • You want to experience success
  • You want to become a better parent to your child
  • You want to increase the joy in your family
  • You want to support your children in their quest for success

As a woman with ADHD and the mother of two children with ADHD, I have spent nearly fifteen years working with a variety of therapists and family coaches to develop strategies that would help our family cope with the challenges commensurate with an ADHD diagnosis. I wish I had found Judith Champion back when my children were in elementary school. We would have been spared years of frustration.

Judith understands the power of reflective listening better than anyone I have met. It doesn’t take her long to pinpoint stumbling blocks and then to gently guide you so that you often come up with the solution yourself. When she does offer advice, it comes from someone who has seen it all, and knows what works, and what doesn’t.

I also like the fact that she has a Master’s Degree in Social Work, has experienced ADHD first hand with her children and grandchildren, and, as an active member of the national ADHD community, is constantly tapped in to the latest research.

~Peyton, Ottsville, PA

What will an ADHD Coach give You?

Through the process of ADHD Coaching, you deepen learning, increase self-understanding, improve performance and enhance quality of life.

For a parent of a child with ADHD… Expanded knowledge of ADHD is necessary to fully understand your child and his/her behaviors. Research has shown best practices for modifying the behaviors of a child with this disorder. We know the parenting strategies that modify behaviors, and the strategies that create more chaos.

When you use best practice parenting strategies, your performance as a parent improves. Coupling a full understanding of ADHD with the use of best strategies to parent your children, will greatly enhance your family’s quality of life.

For an adult with ADHD… Often adults realize they have ADHD when their child is diagnosed; you began your journey to help your child. Everything you read feels very familiar. Suddenly you realize that the book is also speaking about you.  ADHD is a genetic condition.

The difference between you and your child are the coping strategies you have developed over the years. You developed coping strategies based on necessity. There was no one there to teach your parents, no one there to really understand you.

Your coping mechanisms may not be the best ways to get by. You may not even know what your coping mechanisms are. There can be so much more for you.

Start the journey now….

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You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.